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Zinc Shingles

When high quality and superior performance are required, look to zinc. Learn why more and more architects and builders are using zinc for their roofing solutions.



The versatility and durability of zinc makes it an excellent choice as a material for roofing. Zinc is highly malleable and can be formed into just about any shape, allowing for incredible freedom in design. Zinc also develops its own protective patina which gives it a life that greatly exceeds other common roofing materials. Plus, thanks to its naturally forming self-healing properties, zinc roofs provide years of virtually maintenance-free protection.

Zinc Shingles
Zinc Standard Colors.
Zinc Standard Colors
Glacier Grey Textured Shingles


If you thought expanding your use of building materials to include zinc meant limiting your choice of colors and textures, think again. Architectural zinc can now be found in a variety of styles. Want to really make a statement? Consider mixing color and textures. You’ll get a result that will not only stand out from the crowd, but will stand the test of time.

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